[Jandek] Re: Ordering a box and sending a gift

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 14 06:34:21 PST 2006

> I just ordered my last box of 21 CDs to complete my
> Jandek collection. I 
> also have a friend who I've gotten interested in
> Jandek's music, and I 
> wanted to send her a CD or two as well. So I
> enclosed $8 extra and a note 
> saying that I didn't know which rate applied, but
> that I'd like to have 
> either one or two CDs sent to her at her address.
> I got a note back in my box saying that Corwood had
> mailed both CDs to my 
> friend (which she has now received as well). So
> apparently, if you order the 
> bulk rate box, you can get CDs sent elsewhere at the
> bulk rate as well -- 
> even if there are fewer than 20. Which is pretty
> slick, especially if you've 
> got friends who think Jandek CDs make a great
> Christmas gift. :)

Customer service.  It's Corwood's middle name.

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