[Jandek] Ordering a box and sending a gift

Sam Eddington sameddington at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 11:21:46 PST 2006

Don't know if anyone else has tried this -- I'm kind of new to the list -- 
but I thought I'd share.

I just ordered my last box of 21 CDs to complete my Jandek collection. I 
also have a friend who I've gotten interested in Jandek's music, and I 
wanted to send her a CD or two as well. So I enclosed $8 extra and a note 
saying that I didn't know which rate applied, but that I'd like to have 
either one or two CDs sent to her at her address.

I got a note back in my box saying that Corwood had mailed both CDs to my 
friend (which she has now received as well). So apparently, if you order the 
bulk rate box, you can get CDs sent elsewhere at the bulk rate as well -- 
even if there are fewer than 20. Which is pretty slick, especially if you've 
got friends who think Jandek CDs make a great Christmas gift. :)


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