[Jandek] archiving live Jandek recordings

Al nilescram at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 01:18:17 PST 2006

On Sat Jan 7 Lee Rosevere wrote:

"...It would be great for more people to hear the
concerts, and thereby become interested in purchasing
the real CDs from Corwood.  It also prevents people
from having to purchase bootlegs, and it would also
allow us all to hear the best concert recordings
collected in one place.  I'm dying for one of the
'piano' shows to surface, or the one from Helsinki
with the harpist."

I hope that not too many audience recordings will surface,
because I feel quite a few of us would like to hold on to 
the magic and the mystery.

What I've read, the live shows have been successful to
varying degrees. OK, they are reviews and opinions only,
but I've been around long enough to tell (myself, at least)
that there may be some absolutes in music. So I'd advise 
nobody to die for the piano show from Helsinki.

There was a review in #1 national Finnish newspaper, that
used (roughly translated) expressions like "...imperviously
numbing, thoroughly pseudoartistic...", "His music is only
a curiosity, an extreme manifestation of American marginal
art", "His playing was expectedly clumsy and the melodies
were without surprises" and "...he sounded like children
who parody modern music".

Admittedly, that sounds harsh. But I - like some others 
too? - went to the show to hear the trademark(!) atonal 
unorthodox meandering, but got instead mostly conventional,
mediocre and bland ramblings. Oh well, I guess I will get
over it in time.

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