[Jandek] archiving live Jandek recordings

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I think the problem is that Corwood is assumedly going to release most, 
if not all, of these recordings at some point in the near future.  
Maybe someday when Jandek forms a jam band (Jamdek?) and plays 200 
shows a year something like this could happen but as it is, Im pretty 
sure Jandek would be opposed to such an activity.  A cease and decist 
order from Corwood would truly be the ultimate form of fan memorabilia, 
though, so maybe it's worth a shot just for that.


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   I wonder if Corwood would mind, or give the fans
permission to archive the live Jandek recordings
online at archive.org?

They have a section there where artists who support
live recordings (mostly audience sourced) allow their
live recordings to be posted for anyone to download
for free, under the creative commons license.  Jandek
would be a great addition to the site.  They don't
allow anything that is commercially available to be
posted, so the artist isn't losing any money.

It would be great for more people to hear the
concerts, and thereby become interested in purchasing
the real CDs from Corwood.  It also prevents people
from having to purchase bootlegs, and it would also
allow us all to hear the best concert recordings
collected in one place.  I'm dying for one of the
'piano' shows to surface, or the one from Helsinki
with the harpist.

Seth, or anyone in contact with Corwood...any way to
ask permission?  You can read more about it here:


If it's a go, I'd be the first to upload whatever I
have.  Thanks and happy new year to all,

Yahoo! DSL ? Something to write home about.
Just $16.99/mo. or less.

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