[Jandek] Ready for the Cash

stephe dk weaseldip at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 7 23:02:33 PST 2006

I  guess  it's  just the way of  things... but it is depressing.

I always thought the ownership of the Jandek records was related to having 
an object... A thing... A sort of piece of art.

I do most of my music shopping, and have for a long time, in thrift shops... 
So the Jandek records fit that aesthetic very well.

It was a lot more fun when you might find one for 3 dollars. I paid $5 for 
"Ready for the House' in 1995. I probably didn't even know what it was for a 
few years after that.

Something of the mythos is tarnished.
The E-Bay has certainly taken away some of the joy of  being a scavanger. 
What fun is there in going online to buy some specific thing? I'd rather 
unearth randomness... It could just as well be "Wild Man Fischer,"  ... ugh. 
difffernet discussion group.

I think it's hilarious that his first, or certain of his albums are valuable 
now... And I bet he does too!
The irony!

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>Subject: Re: [Jandek] Ready for the Cash
>Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 21:28:13 -0800
>oh man, it's so depressing how expensive jandek vinyl has become.
>whatever that comes from, eBay is made for that.
>'living in a moon so blue,' the title, always reminds of some of the
>lyrics in the song 'jug band blues,' on pink floyd's 'saucerful' record.
>anyway, i was always too cavalier with my jandek vinyl.  i just liked
>getting it and then just giving it to friends to, like, spread the word.
>Frank Hardy wrote:
> > Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that the LP version of Ready
> > for the House sells for $150-$200 every time it goes up on ebay? I
> > mean, sure, it's Jandek's first album, blah blah blah, but in terms of
> > production runs it should actually be his least rare LP, since it had
> > a pressing of 1000 and all the others had pressings of 300. So why
> > aren't albums like Living in a Moon So Blue and Your Turn to Fall,
> > ones I hardly ever see on ebay, raking in the most dough? Then again,
> > considering Irwin Chusid's stories about giving away RFTH LPs to his
> > friends and them using the things for seat cusions, who knows how many
> > of those 1000 were destroyed?
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