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Wed Jan 4 10:15:49 PST 2006

very well explained. this is why i like seth's site. the "jandek 
experts" thing was worrisome about the doc when i first heard about it.

i'd love to see the volcano man doc.

Jakob Sandberg wrote:

> There is a swedish documentary about a swedish writer called The 
> volcano man. I suppose none of you who are on this list have seen it, 
> but that is a really good documentary about an artist, whitout the 
> exploatation part. If youīre going to do a documentary that captures 
> jandek, then make the images and the emotions catch the same spirits 
> as jandeks music does. If jandek can make music so expressful, then 
> there can absolutley be a movie that expresses as much. Thats what I 
> would try to do. And thatīs what they havenīt tried, when making this 
> film. Just because youīre making a documentary, you donīt have to do 
> it in BBC-fashion. There are a thousand ways to investigate an aspect 
> of reality. Itīs absolutley fine if anyone likes to dissecrate and 
> destroy music, but I donīt like it, because almost all the time itīs 
> got nothing to do about the music as it is. It drains the emotions, 
> destroys the feelings, thatīs in the work the artist has presented. 
> But, as said, some of the things in the movie are intresting.
> Jakob Sandberg
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>     >It's cool if you don't like the movie but your
>     >criticism doesn't really make sense to me. If you're
>     >going to make a documentary about a musician,
>     >especially one for whom the music is virtually all
>     >that matters, how can you not at least attempt to
>     >explain and analyze the music? What else would you
>     >fill the time with? Fawning hipsters? If I want
>     >fawning hipsters, I don't need a movie, I can just
>     >read Pitchfork!
>     >
>     >Moreover, what is this idea some listers have that
>     >Jandek's music stands on its own and must be observed
>     >and undisturbed? I say art is meant to be destroyed!
>     >Deconstruct, reconstruct, analyze to the point of
>     >splitting split hairs, look at it every which way,
>     >poke and prod until it doesn't even look like it used
>     >to and it doesn't mean what it used to mean, until
>     >it's nothing but a pile of dirt. Then you make
>     >something new! That's my attitude anyway.
>     >
>     >--- Jakob Sandberg <snasboun at hotmail.com> wrote:
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>     >I saw the Jandek on corwood documentary recently, and
>     >i have to say that I really didnīt like it. All my
>     >respect to the filmmakers and there efforts for this
>     >film, but it all feels like a jandek commercial. They
>     >talk for an eternity about the tuning of his guitar,
>     >they describe and dissecrate his music, so that
>     >everyone can understand. They try to explain, but why?
>     >Somethings are interesting, like the talk about blank
>     >spaces, and the telephone interview, but most of the
>     >time itīs just a explanation of his music. And that
>     >something that shouldnīt be done, I belive.
>     >
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