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Jason Cooley jasonx12 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 08:09:00 PST 2006

Obviously you're entitled to your opinion, but I'm not
sure what you're talking about when you say that
"Jandek On Corwood" is exploitative.  Furthermore, I
don't think the filmmakers were trying to "capture"
Jandek.  It's kind of impossible.  The records do that
already.  It seemed more to me a documentary about how
an enigma can be be perceived, hence the different
motifs presented, one where Jandek is a frightening
and delusional character and another where he is a
sensible well-meaning moralistic person.  And the
imagery they came up with was quite expressful and
more than adequate to accompany the music (I could
have done without the bloody brains).  It's music. 
Anyone can have their own visual interpretation.  I
wonder what you wanted to see.  

"The Volcano Man" is at my local video store.  I'll
check it out, but don't assume that none of us haven't
seen it.

--- Jakob Sandberg <snasboun at hotmail.com> wrote:


There is a swedish documentary about a swedish writer
called The volcano man. I suppose none of you who are
on this list have seen it, but that is a really good
documentary about an artist, whitout the exploatation
part. If youīre going to do a documentary that
captures jandek, then make the images and the emotions
catch the same spirits as jandeks music does. If
jandek can make music so expressful, then there can
absolutley be a movie that expresses as much. Thats
what I would try to do. And thatīs what they havenīt
tried, when making this film. Just because youīre
making a documentary, you donīt have to do it in
BBC-fashion. There are a thousand ways to investigate
an aspect of reality. Itīs absolutley fine if anyone
likes to dissecrate and destroy music, but I donīt
like it, because almost all the time itīs got nothing
to do about the music as it is. It drains the
emotions, destroys the feelings, thatīs in the work
the artist has presented. But, as said, some of the
things in the movie are intresting. 

Jakob Sandberg

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