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Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 05:19:10 PST 2006

> They ask people to put their iPods on shuffle and
> comment on what they
> hear. Sort of like Wire mag's invisible jukebox, but
> not. On page 2
> Ben "Death Cab for Cutie" Gibbard's iPod comes up
> with Message to the
> Clerk pt 2. His comment below:

Which prompts the question, what is the minimal number
of Jandek CD's does the list membership think is
needed in order to get a clear view of the man's work?
 Certainly not one.  One from each of the three
defined periods?  But that lets out at least one
acappella disc, and mixes the live stuff in with the
"late period."  Now we're up to five.  But what about
the tendency to revisit lyric sets with new
arrangements, like Dozen Drops/Nancy Sings or the
Eurpoean Jewel series?  Do we make one of the late
period CD's Khartoum and add Khartoum Variations?  Now
we're up to at least six...

So what's the opinion out there?  I know most of us
are probably completists in various stages of filling
out our collections, but how much do you think would
be enough for the great uninitiated masses?

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