[Jandek] (no subject)

Scott Born scott.born at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 22:07:40 PST 2006

Amazing that you don't know who they are, yet you have them
categorized, pigeonholed, and compartmentalized without even one pass.
 Methinks you protest too much.

Ironic or coincidental that this is the same thing of which listmates
are pissing at Gibbard for?  Only with the knowledge that Gibbard
actually *gave* Jandek a serious listen.

Plus, doesn't his "not getting" Jandek give most folks on this
listserv a boost to the upturned nose?  I mean, if he would have gone
on about Jandek, we would have not only found "those people" competing
for tickets at the Jandek shows, but we might have found Jandek on the
soundtrack of The O.C. or whatever -- and had to say that we never
enjoyed him in the first place.


On 2/26/06, Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> wrote:
> Who are 'death cab for cutie'? Sorry I'm a total snob to all these godawful
> sensitive-shitty-EMO bands, they tend to make Michael Bolton and James
> Taylor seem truly inspired. The names of the bands are horrible enough, I
> can't wait for a band called 'group sex for ugly' or something . Heh.

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