[Jandek] Glad To Get Away

Lauren Ciechanowski seeciechrun at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 24 18:51:23 PST 2006

Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I recently
rounded out my collection of Jandek CDs via a 20/80
box from Corwood, but one of them was a duplicate of
'Your Turn To Fall'. I was actually hoping to listen
to all of them this weekend (a 'Jandekathalon'? ha!),
and I was wondering if someone could possibly
yousendit an mp3 copy of 'Glad to Get Away' so that I
could listen to the collection chronologically. 

Even if I don't make it through the whole thing by
Tuesday, I'd probably get to the 'Glad To Get Away'
era, at least...In any event, I've already sent away
to Corwood for the disc, but was hoping for an mp3
copy to hold me over (I really want to hear Rain in

Thanks for understanding,

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