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Tony Rogers kirkwoodrogers at verizon.net
Fri Feb 24 12:55:36 PST 2006

Hello list members,

I'm a lurker here almost always but I had to comment on some issues about
this wonderful new release. I have em all one by one and I agree he's at the
top of his game. What was exciting and restrained interplay on Glasgow
Sunday is full out bone crushing on this cd. I've only heard cd one but
especially Depression, Locked Up and Mangled and Dead go unafraid FAR down
this road of violent imagery he's been into lately. Intense, but strangely
No need to fear-the music envelopes you and as alluded to, the band is
working very very successfully in this "woo-wee" (without mind) atmosphere
that Jandek creates. Its almost starling the way he can pull something like
Put It Up out of the garden of tangles the band weaves. This side is the
most brutal assault on the sonic spectrum he's ever unleashed, dark and
thick but the reverb he has on it is quite conventional. Its weird like
that. Its an absolute monster!!! Can't wait for cd two...on the way home

I'm sure some of you are wondering about the corwood packaging of a 2 cd
set. it has a hinged cd holder but no 2cd marking on the black hinge..the
back of the jewel case (song titles) is reprinted on the back of the front
cover and yes, the inside back of the jewel is blank (as you could expect
from corwood)..
but I am surprised jandek would provide a duplicate listing on the
front..jankys IS using a bit more ink than he HAS to here-what shock...ha
ha.....the new album/sound really is superb!!!......
											Anthony (mr) Rogers

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