[Jandek] any Janky fans make their own cd inserts?

stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:58:24 PST 2006

Hi Jandek fans, long-time lurker who finally is posting to this list.

This isn't exactly a Jandek question but I have the feeling it falls
right up the typical Jandek fan's alley:  Does anybody out there know
of a website or tutorial or software to easily make cd box inserts? 
I'm looking for something that I can just drag pictures onto and then
print, and for something that has easy outlines that can easily be
trimmed to fit.

I got my first two Jandek records ('member those?) from Forced
Exposure back in the early 90's, then forgot about them.  Recently in
a search for more music to fill the MP3 player I relistened to Jandek
and was blown away by what I didn't quite "get" back then, and since
then it has been 75% Jandek and 25% everything else.  It's really easy
to get obsessed and compulsive about the man for me because there is
something in almost every song that makes me smile and forget about
the day to day shit!  Plus, he's inspired me to pick up the guitars
after years of them gathering dust (I got obsessed with computers and
photography and fixed-gear bikes and music making kind of fell by the

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA

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