[Jandek] Newcastle Sunday lyrics (songs 1 & 2)

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Fri Feb 17 17:44:06 PST 2006

> hmmm... "depression" was the first word of one of the pieces 
> played in nyc (anthology film 
> archives).  same piece, or just the usual "related works" type of 
> thing?

Since I haven't heard any of the NYC stuff, best way I know to answer is with the lyrics. I'll try to get to all of them throughout the weekend, but here's the first two (anyone else with it feel free to jump in; maybe start with disc 2?). I want to emphasize again - ORDER THIS!!! Like the Austin show, there are a few moments where it seems to go on a bit much but, also like the Austin show (or at least as I remember it - haven't listened to mp3s yet) what's good here is the most visceral, in-your-face, caustic and, yes, FUNNY music he's ever done.  I'll throw in comparisons to PiL again (but only the first 2 albums) and early Swans, but this could only be Jandek.  Youngs and Alex REALLY make a difference, as did the band in Austin, and as did Loren Connors in Instal (have listened to that show - amazing!). I think our boy's on a roll and I think it's cause the live experience is fitting him. Contact with people, however distant, seems to juice this stuff up. I'll stand by m
y appreciation of the 'Khartoum' albums, but THIS belongs with J's finest albums. Okay, here's some lyrics (3 & 4 later tonight, rest of disc one after that, I'll try to get it all by Sunday).

1. Depression (style: BRUTAL, real punky, IN YOUR FACE - he really tears it up)

I thought I'd give you
little bit of depression
there's no way out - depression!
I want out - depression!
The floor's there - I don't care!
I thought I'd give you
little bit of depression
there's no way out - depression!
The floor's there - I don't care!

2. Other Side of Town (style: Caustic "ballad," very tense)
We got too good
We're walking away from each other
I walked away
you walked away
you walked away
I walked away
then you stayed away
I have to go
now I'm gone
here I am
I ain't got nothing good
I was sitting at the barstool
and I gave her my seat
the man next over said "she looks better than you"
I said, "everybody looks better than me"
she said, "oh don't be like that."
That's all we said
until somebody walked away.
That's my life these days
on the other side of town. 

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