[Jandek] why does this irwin chusidblahblah

Ian gentlegiant810 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 05:01:12 PST 2006

I listened to his show a little bit and it was really awful.  I read his book and enjoyed that, but listening to him talk about things and then play one song and then talk a lot more and then play one song and then talk and talk and talk.  he's a douche on the radio.  plain and simple.
  Seriously, it sounds like really really bad college radio where the people don't just understand the "less talk more rock" mentality.
  what's even worse is the archives of him and that other lady doing their show.  AWFUL!
  his chapter on jandek is probably the worst in the book by the way.  he does have a few letters to share which are interesting.  of course, he's still obviously subscribing to the "psycho" theory.  or was when he wrote that.  prick.

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