[Jandek] Khartoum All Music Guide Review

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Sun Feb 5 07:56:07 PST 2006

it's ok. it reads like unterberger was thinking, "now THIS jandek 
records is going to have killer melodies with killer bass lines and 
killer beats to get the heads banging and boo-tays shakin'." 

it's good to see people be critical. we can still criticize everyone 
besides the ape-like president bush's administration and their 
knuckle-headed, dumb-as-a-post adventures abroad.

pain is part of what you sign up for when obtain jandek product. jandek 
music is not party music nor is jandek music sexy music.  it's 
anti-social and it's anti-comfort music.  it's not fun but it's 
exhilarating and it's entertaining.  dispair is how it gets there.

also, jandek is still playful, on some tracks, in the early to mid 00's.

and unterberger's (under-mountain's?) comment about in front of a mic is 
a little pedestrian.

the word tragedy translates to mean "goat's song" and that's jandek's 
signature, the goat's song.  it's like, Deal With It.

Frank Hardy wrote:

> /...Jandek was by [the early to mid 00's] leaving the impression of a 
> man in a state of suspended animation, always seeming on the brink of 
> suicidal despair but never pulling the trigger. Like the boy who 
> called wolf, the incessant repetition has made it harder and harder to 
> sympathize or take seriously what at first seemed to be a cry for 
> help. "But everyone knows I'm unstable, since you went away," he moans 
> in the title track, followed by a high-pitch sound between wailing and 
> crying. Sir, when have you ever not been unstable, in front of a 
> microphone at least?/ -Richie Unterberger
> Goes back to some of the things I've been saying about the boring 
> nature of Jandek's poetry as of late.
> Thoughts?
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