[Jandek] Corwood 0787: The Ruins of Adventure

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Dec 20 10:45:04 PST 2006

And so it arrived today. Don't have much time at the present, but I'll send a cover scan and lyrics later. To those looking for the rumored collaboration studio disc, stop looking. The first clue is the cover: a close-up of the same picture that fronted "What Else Does the Time Mean?" And indeed, the album seems to go deeper into that same psyche. But this time, we find Jandek back on fretless bass and vocals. The songs, on first listen, are filled with space, lots of silences punctuated by very deep grumblings from the instrument. There are a few occasions where the basswork gets at it, but most of the album is colored by its instrumentation, letting the vocals continue the elaborate, detailed lyrics that have graced the last several Corwood albums and concerts. It's a single disc, and well worth the investment for those who like to here the journey as it unfolds. Not as musically diverse as the concert recordings (by a long shot), I find it contemplative and philosophical. 
The long, ending title track does not - as far as I can tell - elude to a D & D module, but hey I only caught a few of the lyrics (it's on in the background). More observations this evening; just wanted to get the info out there.

Track listing:

1. The Park - 10:08
2. Bluff Brink - 8:10
3. Completely Yours - 7:10
4. Mysteries of Existence - 6:42
5. The Ruins of Adventure - 14:28

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