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Hi all:)

How's everything?:) I hope that everyone is well. Just wanted a big thanks 
to everyone for their descriptions of the Indy shows...so jealous:) (but in 
a good way, y'know...lol). I live in Australia myself so got no hope of 
seeing the Representative unless I actually fly over to the US. Are there 
any other fans from the land of Oz on the list? Just interested:) Thanks 
again to everyone.


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>Today's Topics:
>    1. Indianapolis Saturday (Joshua Harris)
>    2. a couple photos (Jeremy Frey)
>    3. Indianapolis (Danen D. Jobe)

>From: Joshua Harris <pinholga at yahoo.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] Indianapolis Saturday
>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 06:50:58 -0800 (PST)
>Hi all,
>I've lurked on this list for a while, but after seeing
>that show I really wanted to write in and say hi. This
>show was put together by friends of mine, so I flew
>out from Boston just to see it (okay, and to see
>friends too...) I thought the musicians were all
>superb. The flute/glokenspiel (George "Sparky" Smith
>(no relation ;) player caught some slack in some of
>the post-mortem discussions I heard, but I felt that
>he transported the music into some very interesting
>places. He did quote some jazz standards, "Ain't
>Missbehaving" for one, which was weird and a little
>uncalled for, and he didn't really gel with the rest
>of the band, but I feel his impression on the dynamic
>was overal positive. If I had to pick a star of the
>show that doesn't live in Texas, it would definitely
>be the drummer, Nathan Vollamar. At times he played
>off the Corwood Representative, and at others it was a
>back-and-forth with the very smooth bassist. He was
>center stage and provided balance to the music from
>his pivot-point. The Bassist, Lester "Lammy" Johnson,
>had a very smoothing effect on upright, but
>occasionally dipped into Corwidian chaos at times on
>the electric. I could barely hear the the viola most
>of time. While there is a certain tendency to think of
>any woman involved in a Corwood production as
>"Nancy"-ish, I didn't really hear that.
>As for the songs, I was caught up in the beauty of it
>all a lot, although I did notice a lot about breakups,
>uneven relationships and rain. The Janitor came back
>(I thought he was dead!)
>Overall, I feel very confident saying that this was
>the best concert I have seen in my life, well worth
>traveling halfway across the country to see.
>I was one of the two official photographers there, I
>shot film so it will take me a bit of time to get my
>stuff together. I'm not sure exactly what my rights
>are with it, so my plan is to get it all developed,
>make contact sheets, send them to Corwood and ask.
>With permission, I'll probably set up a flicker
>account or something and post it to the list.
>I also went to Dannen's reading in Indy. For those who
>haven't met him, he is one of the nicest people I've
>ever met. Picked up a few books and did a little
>reading on the plane ride. Very impressive so far.
>Oh well, I've probably rambled enough here for now.
>Far better writers will chime in, I'm sure.
>"Blessed are the sociable, that say stupid things
>And get close to their neighbors"
>     -Jandek
>Joshua A. Harris, pinholga at yahoo.com
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>From: Jeremy Frey <falcon_156 at yahoo.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] a couple photos
>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 12:09:07 -0800 (PST)
>taken with my near-dead cameraphone after the show
>   http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/6760/indyre0.jpg
>   http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/5470/indy2ea2.jpg
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>From: "Danen D. Jobe" <djobe at uark.edu>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] Indianapolis
>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:39:47 -0600
>Where to start? Instrumentally this was like nothing I've seen. This has 
>been discussed some already, but I think the thing that stays with me is 
>how well it all combined. The extraordinary rhythm section laid down a 
>rolling, bluesy back that stayed consistently through the show. On the 
>other side was the jagged Godin fretless (glad to have finally seen it in 
>action) and the bold counter of the viola. Between the two worlds strode 
>the flute and glockenspiel.
>Quick aside:  before the show proper started we could hear the flutist 
>playing "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from offstage. I started 
>imagining the band coming out in tutus and dancing across the stage. Now 
>THAT would've been different.
>The female vocals were soulful and at times jazzy. They were in four songs 
>(or was it five?), two of which were in a row. Interestingly, her songs 
>often seemed like responses to his songs (I know he wrote all the words, 
>but I mean figuratively). He had a song about watching "yellow, pink, and 
>green things" come up from the ground. She responded by seeming to be that 
>thing in growth. Later, he had songs imagining a wedding and a domestic 
>life that didn't work - she seemed to be the angry bride. The last song 
>seemed to leave the earth entirely, with her voice trilling out the word 
>"moon" and imagining a type of escape. His number before that I'll describe 
>Her vocals changed throughout: er first number was a rhymed, country-like 
>song, another was spoken word, others yet (like the last song) I couldn't 
>His lyrics, for the most part, were among the most expressive I've ever 
>heard. If people often point to areas within the catalog where Corwood has 
>left much vague, the vagueries have vanished. That's not to say that we're 
>getting a life story, just that the images themselves are deep. The opening 
>number (which has a LONG instrumental passage) painted pictures of a figure 
>(could this be the same "other-self" from the Toronto show?) rising out of 
>a creek but being "filled with sand." He described forest scenes and 
>grappled with lost loves and the "shadow figure" throughout. As others have 
>mentioned, the music shifted around from intensely brutal to atmospheric to 
>even funky and two with a sort of country lilt.
>The last four numbers may be among the best, and most chilling, of the 
>catalog. He discusses leaving a bride-to-be (I got the feeling that the 
>marriage hadn't happened) pregnant with child, choosing career over 
>domestic life "working in a factory, family surrounding me." He talks about 
>"talking to her father" who asks him to leave. He leaves Indianapolis on 
>his motorcycle and never looks back. My God.
>This leads to an imagined wedding, and ultimately to the last two numbers. 
>His final vocal begins with reading a philosophical book that leads him 
>into an intense dream. Suddenly, the words "leave me alone" rise in that 
>ghostly voice, punctuated by the increasing instrumentation. The words are 
>returned to, and at the end of the song (PERFECTLY!) The flutist threw down 
>his sticks. The smile from Corwood tells me that this was just fine. I hope 
>it was captured on the DVD. Then the female singer did the last number, 
>escaping from earth.
>In this show there was no comforting final number (like "Shadow of the 
>Clouds" or the last song in Chicago) trying to find peace with a God or 
>significant other. Yet it felt complete. It was a taxing show emotionally - 
>the subjects were heavy but, again, descriptive - though so moving that the 
>effort is rewarded. Will be glad to have this on disc so I can listen to 
>the parts separately. As one whole it was astounding. And the surroundings 
>were perfect - the gorgeous cathedral with the candles and lighting that 
>matched the colors of the stained glass. This will be beautiful to look at 
>when the DVD comes out.
>I might also mention that the sound crew deserves serious credit. The mix 
>was perfect, and the vocals floated over the music allowing the lyrics to 
>be understood. The microphone seemed to catch no distortion at all.
>I must also say what a wonderful place I found Indy to be. So very 
>welcoming - enjoyed meeting some at both the Luna reading and Bloomington. 
>I was also most pleased about a guy in Bloomington who came to my reading 
>last night having never heard of either Jandek or me - just saw the flyer 
>and was curious. He bought a book and then ran next door to Landlocked 
>records and bought every Jandek CD they had. That made me feel good.
>Sorry if this email is disjointed at all - drove all night from Bloomington 
>back to Arkansas and back to school today. My God was it worth it. The man 
>is working at his peak.  Atlanta here I come!
>I'd love to hear more Jandek music with a vibraphone.

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