[Jandek] Re: jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 253

Erik May erikmay9 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 13:18:11 PST 2006

Haven't heard so much about Cindy on Saturday...

Is there anyone travelling in who may be lone, bored disturbed, who knows or
doesnt know how to play an instrument, who feels like making an album on Fri
or Sat.  Say maybe I can accomodate one more person.    I'll have some stuff
but it would help if you could bring some stuff.  You will, of course, not
be allowed to discuss it ever with anybody.

Second in a series of parallels.

And no, not a cryptic invitation to be on a secret Jandek album, unless the
man decides this is a funny idea to respond to this.  Now that would be
frearin hilarious, but of course he won't, not especially now that I said
anything about it.  Fate might stick our rented rooms next to each other
though.  Then he'll really hate me forever; he probably just wanted to go to
bed not hear some other crazies going off.

 Send me a letter tonight cause I'm firing up the bus tomorrow.


(Also, Danen, I didn't see that you posted the time on your Sat afternoon
reading?  If I am free. But also for everyone else.)
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