[Jandek] I got a card in the mail involving JANDEK!

crash crash at waste.org
Sun Dec 3 09:30:50 PST 2006

I just got a card in the mail yesterday that I had to drop you all a 
line about.

Roadrunner Records is a CD store in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that 
gets a fair amount of hard to find music on hand including that of the 

So I get a card announcing their christmas sale.

It shows Jandek, Captain Beefheart and Miles Davis standing around a manger
offering the Roadrunner rabbit who is in the manger copies of "Trout Mask
Replica" and I can't see the Miles record that's being offered but 
Jandek is
playing a guitar and saying "Get Wise, Man!"

Anyone want to see a JPEG of this?  I can scan it and put it up on my 
for fun if you want.

First time I've seen the J-man used as an advertising person!


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