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Wed Aug 23 08:53:34 PDT 2006

>>>>> "Danen" == Danen D Jobe <djobe at uark.edu> writes:

 Danen> I want to reiterate what an interesting experience this album
 Danen> is. Very eastern - downright zen. Finds different patterns and
 Danen> focuses on them, but always returns to the central question,
 Danen> which isn't (can't be) answered. Interestingly, after I
 Danen> transcribed the lyrics I decided to run them against Seth's from
 Danen> the live show. What I have as "Part Eight" is distributed in
 Danen> DIFFERENT PARTS of TWO OTHER SONGS. So: to anyone who was there
 Danen> (if you can possibly remember) - was "Part Eight" a separate
 Danen> song that somehow got put into other songs OR is this an edit,
 Danen> creating a new song out of chunks of two songs. I'm REALLY
 Danen> curious to know!

It seems likelier that I got my hastily scrawled notes mixed up.

I've put your transcription, with Jonathan's corrections, on the site.

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