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Googling Sterling R. Smith, there's a rodeo champ in Texas by that name.
Was it in Chusid or Unteberger's piece on Jandek where it was mentioned there 
was another Sterling Smith in Houston in the phone book (I remember the 
phrase "don't call, it's not the same guy.") I wonder if THAT Sterling Smith is 
this rodeo fellow.

I was thinking today, as I have thought several times (and I'm sure I can't 
be the only person who has thought this), that while Jandek is obviously based 
in / lives in Houston, "Ready For the House" came out in 1978 with the Houston 
address on the cover, meaning that theoretically Jandek / Sterling Smith 
could have resided anywhere and everywhere prior to 1978 or 1977 and that some (or 
many) of the early albums must not have been recorded in Houston and the 
photographs on the covers could just as likely be from anywhere else, as well.

Amusingly (at least to me), I got my copy of "Chair Beside A Window" pretty 
soon after mailing off the check. No more than 7 days. When it comes to checks, 
I wonder if Corwood just ships off the orders before waiting for a personal 
check to clear, or before even depositing it. That's trust in the consumer for 

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