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Hey everyone.
Just to introduce myself to the list, my name is Derek (or Milhouse). I've 
been slowly accumulating the Jandek albums since about the time "Jandek on 
Corwood" was released on DVD. I ordered that as soon as it was available, as I was 
very curious about Jandek, and about the film itself. Right after I got that, 
I picked up the first two albums. Last November I picked up the third and 
fifth albums and had to decide not to listen to the fifth until I got hold of the 
fourth. I finally sent a check for $8 off to Corwood for a copy of "Chair 
Beside A Window", which I actually just finished listening to for the first time. 
I imagine in a day or two I'll get around to "Living in a Moon So Blue" and 
start acquiring more albums sooner or later.

I do enjoy the music, particular the more stark sounding things I've heard so 
far on the first few albums. And naturally (like most of you, I'm sure) I 
have some curiosity about the person behind the music and the other people who 
started appearing on the albums ("Nancy", "John" and so forth.)

Also, I'm from Ohio and I have a certain curiosity / fascination about the 
idea that Jandek / Sterling Smith may be from here, or may have lived here for a 
time (mention of "Governor Rhodes", mention of Nancy being from southern 
Ohio, etc.) I also become very curious about the timeline of the recordings, and 
when they might have been recorded vs. when they were eventually released, in 
conjunction with considering how old Jandek might have been when the first 
album came out, etc. (if there is any validity to the copyright holder of the 
recorded works' birth being given as 1945 in the Library of Congress records, per 
Tisue's website).

At any rate, I don't imagine I'll post much, but I look forward to reading 
what you all have to say. I was subscribed to the list previously, but dropped 
out at some point. The funny thing being that my unsubscribing was mere weeks 
before Jandek's first live appearance, which I ended up not reading / finding 
out about until a few months later. Silly me.

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