[Jandek] how big is the Corwood universe?

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That's correct - the mastering is a considerable part of the cost of  
the initial run, but how a pressing plant chooses to deliver is up to  
them. Loading up the master and a thousand blanks probably isn't that  
much more expensive than 500 or 300.  However I know from experience  
that there is at least one company in the Czech Republic who have a  
minimum run of 300, although that in part is due to the small label  
market they've got in Europe. Your mileage may of course vary.  
Irrespective of that, Corwood is distributing at cost plus a bit for  
packaging, postage and handling, which they're willing to make the  
occasional loss on. I paid $7 each for half a dozen CDs in Mystery  
Train, so they are at least trying to keep prices low as well.


On 18 Aug 2006, at 04:29, Allen Rendel wrote:

> When my band had our CDs made the minimum run was 500 and we had to  
> hunt to
> find a place that would do that.  In the end, they ran 1000 and  
> sent us the
> extra 500 for free with no cases.  I suspect that it's a bit like  
> running a
> printing press where once you get the machine fired up to run it  
> cranks out
> 1000 before you can even turn it back off.
> Allen Rendel
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> Irwin Chusid stated that Corwood had printed a thousand copies of
> 'Ready for the House', and if you've seen a stack of a thousand LPs,
> it takes up a fair bit of space, so he did 'have to move them'.
> These days, I believe that the minimum viable order of a glass
> mastered CD is 300, and I assume a DVD is the same. However, mail
> order isn't the only market and there are plenty of record shops,
> both physical and online, who carry the Corwood output - I bought all
> of mine in Mystery Train in Amherst MA.
> So at a wild guess, the initial run of the last CDs and the reissues
> is at least 1000. I don't know about the cost of a DVD but a minimum
> of 500 would be believable.
> Simon
> On 17 Aug 2006, at 20:21, stacey graham wrote:
>> Not that it matters at all, especially in this rarified and highly
>> unusual case of artistic obscurity, but has anybody ever heard or  
>> read
>> or even been able to extrapolate how many copies of his releases
>> Jandek sells?  I have heard some ridiculously low number of the
>> original LP pressings, but that was from a long time and a different
>> universe (pre-internet) ago.
>> It's hard to wrap one's head around such an unquantifiable number.  I
>> hope he has seen (or more probably) is now seeing some financial
>> reward for the little corner of the universe that he has claimed as
>> his own.
>> P.S.  If there are any Minneapolis/St. Paul area free jazz fans, the
>> seldom-seen documentary "My Name Is Albert Ayler" is playing Saturday
>> 8/19 at the Riverview Theater as part of the Sound Unseen festival.
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