[Jandek] Jandek's image changes on the album covers

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 18:46:14 PDT 2006

An interesting thing, and probably the biggest arguement that Jandek IS a
artist with a very deliberate aesthetic is the radical image
changes/re-inventions of his persona that goes on in his album covers.

You have the early recordings with the average-American Richie
Cunningham-meets-psych patient look, to the New york indie rocker look on
'the living end', the 'nu alt rocker' look on 'somebody in the snow', the
early Rolling Stones fan on 'Whitebox', the hair hippy on 'the door behind',
the psychadelic-folkie on 'shadow of leaves', the 'regular non-rock' guy on
'narrow road/end of it all/rec;use'...and then the emaciated
Cowboy-traveller on 'a kingdom' and 'train' to the most out-there image of
Jandek the Muslim on 'Raining down diamonds' and 'khartoum' to the most
recent with Jandek the wood-cutter....

But all feature a man who is definitely playing with his image in his own
uniquely ORIGINAL idiosyncratic style, but also seems to be aware or keeping
up with the 'pop' image sub-cultures of particular pop music zeitgeists ie:
the Stones rocker, the hippy, the 50s rocker, the folkie etc. That he has
created such a unique sonic/aesthetic universe is something quite amazing,
despite the limitations.
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