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Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
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I always assumed Chusic got the numbers mixed up - he DOES like to exaggerate a little bit and it was an informal show and an off the cuff answer.  

For that matter, I would argue with the side that believes that a lot of the early records (as in chronologically) weren't recorded until shortly before release.  Records like 'Six and Six' or 'Later On' seem more topical to me than say 'The Living End' which seems like a different guy in a different phase. I go with the theory that the electric stuff is probably the oldest, then the early acoustic records, then the second acoustic phase, etc.  I think the biggest leap in number of years between RECORDED music (as opposed to released music) was between 'The Beginning' (at least the non-piano music on it) and 'Put My Dream on This Planet.' His voice seems to age ten years and that sounds like about the right amount of time. I think he records prolifically but then may go some time between recordings. Each of those "phases" is probably separated by at least a year. But what then about a track like "Nancy Sings?" Could be that some of those albums are a combination of sessions.
 The records from like the fourth to the seventh are where I get stuck - when were these recorded, or are they various acoustic sessions "stitched" together? We've debated this before around here but it's a good debate. Any recent thoughts?

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In his interview on the DVD, Chusid says Smith had 30(!) ready to go in
1980. That would mean he had up to Worthless Recluse done. I've always
wondered about Chusid's discrepency and which one is right. 10 is easy to
believe, but 30!...

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  I don't believe that Jandek recorded the albums as he released them.
  I think he started making them in the late 60's, when he was in his
  early 20's. Remember, Irwin chusid recalls that he already had 10
  albums recorded in 1980.

  Alimarea Vasquez <beachdame125 at hotmail.com> wrote:

    Well even though I feel that military inflectory coding was used
    on the a
    cappella albums.... i still am hesitant about the timing...
    we all know he is 60 now.
    and if he was born in 1945 then that would make him 33 when
    "ready for the
    house came out" and 34 in 78, 35 in 79 36 in 80. I doubt he was
    maybe before he recorded albums.... just a though

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