[Jandek] Discography tweaks?

Jonathan Lee jplee at cox.net
Tue Apr 4 20:30:37 PDT 2006

I can't say for sure, but I'm going to guess that the extra time is just
silence.  I've noticed (and surely am not the only one) that the more
recent CDs have a 5 second silence in the track before the song starts,
a five second silence at the end of the track, and a five second
countdown to the next track.  These silences vary on the older releases
and maybe if I'm really bored sometime I'll make a list of them all and
send them to Seth in an Excel file ;-)  However, if Corwood doing
reissues to make them all more uniform in this way, then there's
probably no point.  I think at this point he likes the idea of extended
silences between songs, and it does have an effect on the listener
(again, imo).  I could be wrong, but I've been meaning to mention this
for a bit so now's as good a time as any.


Tim Conklin wrote:
> Just got the full catalog, up through Newcastle Sunday. Thanks to those who
> responded to my earlier post asking about turnaround time. Couple of notes:
> My copy of Later On has a UPC code, so it's probably a 2005 re-issue. Sample
> track times are Your Condition (5:38), What Did I Hear (4:51), The Second
> End (3:35), so they're about 15 seconds longer apiece than the times listed
> in the discography. Don't know how that might correspond to any other CD
> issue of this.
> My copy of Living In A Moon So Blue also has a UPC code, and times about
> 6-10 seconds longer than listed in discography.
> Can send scans if needed, Seth, or fulll list of track times.
> That's all I immediately see for now.
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