[Jandek] Military History?

Paul Condon paulgcondon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 10:52:28 PDT 2006

On 4/3/06, Lauren Ciechanowski <ciechano at stolaf.edu> wrote:
> Aside from Jandek's age making him eligible for the draft, is there a
> reason people have speculated about this?

I think the draft theory was used as a handy possible answer to the
question "What's up with Jandek?" - i.e. the horrors of the Vietnam
war left him with deep psychological problems and a predilection for
dissonant guitar tunings. I suppose a military background can't be
disproved, like much about the man's past, but I can't think of a
single example of a lyric that would even hint at this (believing as I
do that Jandek's work is mostly autobiographical).

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