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Have to say it (and i think this is your point). He's not "mental." If you think about it, even his most disturbing lyric is no less so than some of Baudelaire's poetry, and he's in the Norton Anthology! yeah, ol Charles was a bit eccentric, but nobody would have called him sociopathic. 

 Weird? a good way, I think (hey, most of my favorite people are "a little weird")

In the closet? Well, three shows coming up (none of which, sadly, are within my ability to be at)and a recent "improv" sit-in with Loren Connors - he may like keeping his name and personal life to himself but this is a good schedule. I remember last year at the Austin show somebody (not anyone I knew from here, btw) said "he's got cancer you know. These are his last shows ever."  Sky's the limit.

And Corwood is remarkably, historically reliable. With the Portland show coming up (and UK not far after) you might give him a little extra time.  But I've never had to wait longer than 2 weeks. By comparison, I ordered some stuff from Forced Exposure that took SIX WEEKS.  Not too shabby at all! ALWAYS order directly from the man, and ask a question if you've got one. You never know what's gonna show up on a funny little note.

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When I lived in Australia it took about 3 weeks from when I sent his the
IMO. Now that I'm back in the UK it only took 2 weeks for my second box-set.

For a guy who is supposed  mental and weird and in the closet or whatever,
he runs a pretty reliable business, so he mustn't have such a bad mental
illness if he can organise a businessso well for for so long, compared to
some indie record labels that don't exist anymore.
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