[Jandek] A thing about the 'remastered' albums, mainly '6&6'

Gavin rangoon at ntlworld.com
Thu Sep 29 17:39:30 PDT 2005

> I am almost 99% sure that the original lp was "mastered" by
> plying back the master tape on 'something,' setting a microphone
> close to the speaker and recording it again.  How else can the
> microphone bonk during Point Judith be explained?

Ha! That was exactly the observation I was going to post - the
'microphone bonk' in 'Point Judith' has been read as some kind of
frustrated kicking-the-mic-across-the-floor performer's frustration,
but the song and performance itself is way too static and stupified to
justify that kind of insane outburst; glad to see someone else
reading what I have always heard. Six And Six is the only album that
has that inherent 'lo-fi' aspect, all of the other albums sounding
much cleaner generally (on vinyl, prior to the post-mastering digital
veneer the CD remasters all share) - but I do concur with the original
poster that that album in particular has

>a whole 'fractal' or 'otherwolrdly' sonic dimension that you just don't
>get with moderne muzak

I'd love to hear the original tape the album was recorded to, rather
than the muffled vinyl original or the CD version - but obviously that
isn't going to happen...


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