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Fri Sep 23 13:56:25 PDT 2005

Nobody has been talking about his next UK appearance* - which presumably is
in some jeopardy at the moment with hurricane evacuations etc. (Does what is
happening to the climate in the US remind anyone else of Bruce Sterling's
so-so book from the early '90's "Heavy Weather"?)


TUES 18 OCT @ ST GILES-IN-THE-FIELDS <http://www.stgilesonline.org/>,
Denmark St, WC2H 8LG
The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy
from Houston, Texas who calls himself JANDEK. Since 1978, JANDEK has made
some 42 albums of dissolute, atonal folk and blues for the mysterious
CORWOOD INDUSTRIES label, which has put out nothing else but JANDEK! For
such a prolific, legendary musician, little is really known about the man -
the first 26 years of his career passed without a live performance or an
official interview. In 2004, however, that partially changed with the
release of the "JANDEK ON CORWOOD <http://www.jandekoncorwood.com>"
documentary film and his first ever performance at the INSTAL 04 festival in
Glasgow. Since then, JANDEK has made a handful of skirmishes into the live
arena in Scotland and the US and is returning to the UK again in October for
INSTAL 05 <http://www.instal.org.uk> and this, his London debut and 8th ever
live performance!

CHIE MUKAI <http://www.mesh-key.com/chie.html> first picked up an Er-hu (a
traditional 2 stringed Chinese violin, of somewhat rebellious tonalities) in
the late 1970's. Working with this instrument and its Japanese cousin, the
Kokyu, MUKAI has developed into one of the key figures in the Japanese
underground, with a signature sound of elongated and momentous, slowly
shifting drones and dream psych-folk improvisations, often offset by
tremulous vocals.

The most visible proponents of the new wave of wild free jazz coming out of
Finland right now, RAUHAN ORKESTERI <http://www.deepturtle.net/rauha.html>
(or Peace Orchestra) are a quartet who blend boiling reeds, swirling flutes,
complex multi-directional percussion and contra bass. Their sound
encompasses grainy folk textures, snatches of old-world melody and maniacal,
full-blown improv freak outs in a bid for uncompromising musical freedom.

MUKAI and RAUHAN ORKESTERI are also performing at INSTAL 05
<http://www.instal.org.uk> and we are indebted to Barry Esson and the
festival for making this show a possibility. We are overwhelmed that they
asked us to be involved and would like to send our sincerest thanks and
warmest wishes!

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