[Jandek] Two Hurricanes and Jandek

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Sep 21 19:10:14 PDT 2005


Right before I opened my email I noticed Rita had been upgraded to Category Five. Really hope he's getting out of there.  Good luck to you as well, Sheila! I know there's a few of you on the list in Houston (and southeastern Texas) and good luck to you all in getting out and getting through Rita. 

Looks like my hurricane theory was working AGAINST the Chicago show rather than for it, but as I said I hope he's out of town all the same. I was thinking (after seeing the Hurricane upgrade) that I couldn't imagine performing knowing your town was being hit by something like that - especially so soon after New Orleans! Looks like he had similar thoughts.  Hope he has someone to turn to for comfort.


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