[Jandek] Two Hurricanes and Jandek

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Sep 21 08:00:13 PDT 2005

Something VERY interesting:

Noticed on the news a few minutes ago that Hurricane Rita is headed straight for Houston and is expected to hit LATE THURSDAY OR EARLY FRIDAY.  The Gov is considering evacuation.  Seems like Jandek found his place to go.

Interesting to me how Hurricanes have effected this touring season.  It canceled New Orleans, inspired Brooklyn and now is giving him a place to go while Houston is hit.  Makes me wonder if the Chicago show was booked AFTER he decided to leave Houston anyway? I'll be interested to know if his concern creeps into the lyrics. Hope he's got his stuff secured! At least, one thinks, his best guitars have probably traveled with him.


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