[Jandek] Coincidence? of course it is... but fitting(HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY)

Jonathan Vincent jcvinc2 at pop.uky.edu
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It was interesting but not in anyway revealing.
Great if you are interested in the subject matter but maybe people that
really know the subject in detail would find the film a bit lacking in
actual art theory and what nots.
I thoroughly enjoyed it 
I love documentaries a lot though.
Above all I would say that it is above average in this department but I
have a feeling a lot of people will be disappointed with how little you
learn about the man being documented
But I guess you learn more about him than the guys in jandek on coorwood
learned about jandek.
Well maybe.
I guess my answer is I liked it but I liked the documentary on henry
 that a lot of people on the list here did not like.
So maybe I have no real taste
I would be the first to cop to that theory.
One thing is fer sure
I ain't no critic
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I have heard of that movie... is it any good. i am an artist... just
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I was just watching the film "how to draw a bunny" about the artist Ray
Johnson which won some awards at sundance a few years ago and I was
surprised that it has never really been mentioned on this list the
surprising/striking similarity in physical appearance Ray had(at least
in his younger pictures) to the representative from coorwood (at least
that guy on the record sleeves; I haven't had the good fortune to see
Jandek live but he seems a lot skinnier these days from the internet
In fact if  jandek as an entity (or whatever you want to call it) had
not played live and I had not seen the pictures of the same. today I
would have been willing to advance a new theory on the list that ray
faked his death(in 95) to assume the jandek personae fully. or some such
similar nonsense on my part.
The whole jandek enigma would have been just the sort of thing he would
have loved to been involved in it seems.
And it seems even though he openly communicated with plenty of folks in
his life and was somewhat infamous in the art world. he was in the end
as unknowable in the movie on his life as jandek was in jandek on
Except ray was unknowable to everyone including his closest friends.
maybe that is not the case at all with the representative from coorwood
when it comes to real life relationships unrelated to the music he
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