[Jandek] 2 albums a gig

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Maybe he will just take the recording and speed it up 20% to fit on a single

It could be released as "The Chipmunks sing Jandek"

Allen Rendel

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Unfortunately though, the show would still have to be
split up to 2 discs.  Unless Corwood goes into
DVD-Audio, of course.


--- Paul Condon <paulgcondon at gmail.com> wrote:

> >  but.. it's obviously going to be this..
> > 2. is recording enough stuff for 2 seperate
> albums, each gig
> >  at least that's what i'm thinking now :) seems
> like the most jandek-ish
> > thing to do.
> >
> > Jandek's habits sometimes make the idea of him
> doing the most obvious,
> conventional thing seem highly improbable. Having
> been at the Glasgow show
> (The Cell), I think it'd ruin the piece to issue it
> as two separate albums.
> I'm assuming he's just going to go for doubles for
> these long sets and
> charge $10 or $12 for them.
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