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(just fowarding this message for mr. ludo...think you wrote the e-mail adress in the wrong bit ;)...cheers)

alex beat me to it. i was about to post the same thing..
so all the shows were 90 minutes except the first one right? maybe he wanted to start slowly with a 1 hour gig.
i had been thinking about this "issue" and i thought he would cut some stuff on.. but.. it's obviously going to be this..
2. is recording enough stuff for 2 seperate albums, each gig

at least that's what i'm thinking now :) seems like the most jandek-ish thing to do.


> all the show so far have been 90 minute gigs. He either: 1. going to release a series of double albums 2. is recording enough stuff for 2 seperate albums, each gig.
> 3. is going to cut some stuff off.....
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