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Mon Sep 12 16:05:33 PDT 2005

I second the vote for thrift stores for vinyl or even CDs.  You can 
surprisingly find some great stuff.

One of the best catches I ever had was the american progressive band, 
Yezda Urfa which was
misfile in the Iranian music section at a used CD store locally and at 
$2 at that.

Near it in the "New Age" section was fusion powerhouse Soma (not the new 
age group), a CD
normally only available as a $35 import but was on sale in the used bin 
for $3.00!

I  have only found a few Jandek recordings in this type of bin.  Which I 
think is funny.  Most
people who AREN'T into Jandek expect his stuff to be packing used bins 
worldwide due to the
"difficult music" aspect but you'll rarely find these recordings there.


stephe dk wrote:

> Last night while talking to a friend I casually mentioned that I owned 
> a copy of "Ready for the House" on vinyl- and he stood there with his 
> mouth open in disbelief. I've had the thing for probably 10 years at 
> least and had no idea it was valuable. I mean, I like it a lot- it was 
> the first Jandek record I ever heard (!)- I bought it mostly because 
> a) it looked cool, and b) at the time I was a member of the "Velvet 
> Underground Appreciation Society" and they had Corwood ads in their 
> magazines... I think "Forced Exposure" reviewed some of the albums 
> too... So, yeah, I bought it from this guy who was selling a lot of 
> rare early '80s vinyl- I got a bunch of obscure 1/2 Japanese, Fall, 
> and Zoviet France records off him too I remember- I think I paid 5 
> bucks for it.
> At that time, the early-to-mid 90s, right before the big indie rock 
> boon, and before E-Bay, there wasn't the same interest in old vinyl 
> around here (Cleveland, OH) that there is now. You could still find 
> deals... I remember seeing a copy of "Trout Mask Replica" for $10... 
> And "Metal Box" by P.I.L. for $30... I can't imagine finding those 
> things now.
> When I intially got it I remember, and I still pretty much feel this 
> way, that the cover looked very much like a lot of small-run vanity 
> press records issued by churches and christian groups in the '60s and 
> '70s. Thrift Stores are some of my favorite places to shop for records 
> (I just know one of these days I'm gonna find a Sun Ra or 13th Floor 
> Elevators record!) and you'll come across these religious records by 
> the score... I've often been fooled by them because a lot of their 
> covers are excellent, kitschy, masterpieces...
> stephe
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>     From: /"Danen D. Jobe" <djobe at uark.edu>/
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>     Date: /Sat, 10 Sep 2005 15:04:23 -0500/
>     >I've often thought that there might be a trove of "Ready for the
>     House" lps in Salvation Armies across America, but sadly I think
>     the majority of them were probably trashed. This is not unusual in
>     music history. Even though more copies were printed of the first
>     album few knew it would be anything more than a VERY odd novelty
>     item and I imagine many were junked unheard by uncaring radio
>     stations and record stores. By the time of "later on" people were
>     more likely to have kept the records and when you hit the band
>     stuff his crowd got greater and greater. Even still, I think the
>     vast majority of Corwood vinyl was most likely sent to dumpsters.
>     >
>     >I also wonder if many might have been lost in the legendary
>     "flood" of the 90's? Maybe not - seems like most of the lps were
>     OOP by then anyway. Does anybody remember if they went out of
>     print roughly by release date or all at once? Curious.
>     >
>     >I know this - I can't find a damn one ANYWHERE right now and I'd
>     like a little more vinyl than I've got (I have four of them). That
>     said, $500 is a bit over my price range...
>     >
>     >Danen
>     i liked the story of a guy who used a sealed copy to patch up his
>     car seat. Litle did he know he was "litrally" sitting on a
>     goldmine. Its worth about 500 dollars aint it?
>     ill buy one when im very rich
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>         > I've actually wondered about this myself. Surely it'd
>         > be more available because there were more of that LP
>         > printed up (1000 vs. 300, if I recall correctly). But
>         > I haven't seen one.
>         >
>         > Although personally, I'd rather have a copy of Later On.
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