[Jandek] Anthology Archive Show Sept 6, 2005

Allen Rendel arendel at ripco.com
Mon Sep 12 10:25:37 PDT 2005

I thought Loren Connors was playing beautifully, clearly listening closely
to the other players, interacting with what they played, making great sounds
and leaving lots of room around Jandeks singing.  Jandek with psychedelic
guitar was extremely pleaseing to my ears.  It was very cool to hear them
play together and I was dissapointed that Conners sat out the last couple of
songs (though the bass player and drummer were also excellent).  Once he sat
down he did look as if he was in a bit of pain from his ears.  I saw him on
the way out after his later performance and he was joking and laughing with
the person he was talking to, so he's hopefully not in too much discomfort.

The whole show was being video & audio recorded, so hopefully it will see a
future release in some form.

Also, as the last band was setting up I had to leave and saw Jandek in the
lobby talking to some folks and he seemed totally normal & friendly.  I
didn't really have too much that I felt I needed to say to him, so I just
observed, but aside from his appearance he really came off like a very
normal guy.

Allen Rendel
Chicago, IL

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> i would be interested
> in hearing anyone
> else's view on the guitar players action.

Like I said, it looked to us that he was toughing out
some really bad tooth pain--maybe he's having his
wisdoms out?

Based on our theory, we thought Jandek's looks were
more concerned than glaring, but who knows?

Scott Bateman

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