[Jandek] the mystery papers

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Thu Sep 8 22:04:10 PDT 2005

>The final bizarre thing to happen while waiting in line happened maybe 10
>minutes before going in.  A well dressed man walked up to us, handed us a
>slip of paper and then disappeared into the crowd.
>The piece of paper basically gave us the rights to release a remix of "Your
>Other Man" off of "BLUE CORSPE" as long as we gave the representative from
>Corwood reference and stated that the song was written by him.  Also it
>specifically stated for it to be a limited edition 7" with a 300 unit
>pressing.  The little note was just signed Corwood.  I was hoping to find
>out if anyone else had received any of these slips too... i hope so.

my friend received the same slip of paper ironically he does do 
remixes, having worked with genesis p-orridge on restoring old 
psychic tv trcks as well as a dance mix for the yeah yeah yeahs.  he 
also took the slip for the same meaning you have.

personally, i think the note was written to a specific person, 
probably the well-dressed man himself or a band on his indie label. 
it appears to be giving that person/entity express permission as 
outlined in prior correspondence.  otherwise the specific mentions of 
format, edition, record label and remix artist wouldn't be present. 
i don't belive it entitles the bearer to embark upon such a project 
with hopes of some kind of corwood-approved release.

the reason for handing the slips out?  promotion.  jandek fans 
obviously love a mystery, and what better way to build anticipation 
for the release of a jandek remix single than showing the faithful 
that the man himself approves of it?  that is, assuming the note is 


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