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I wish I was in a one room house
No doors no windows
I wish I was in jail
Please put me there


I don't sleep at night

I throw away the day

I recommend the swampy heat

??? late afternoon where I lose ???
Or maybe gain something
Down among the dust
That gathered on the floor
I'll cling to my illusion

I'm just waiting for the next (level?)
Cancel all my plans
And destroy the day
There must be some virtue in my world
If I could talk to you I could
But I'm so busy not knowing who I am
I wouldn't have it any other way

The ground is only the top of the bottom

You can search for salvation
Or you can take it like it is
It's just a better way to destroy the day


??? obscure physics

I lean over backwards

I got the blues for you baby
I got me a bottle
And a gambler's heart
I'd rather be watching your spirit (?)
Then go roaming in a city
Somehow I got this way

I got the blues for my baby

??? dead and it's over
??? dreaming of you

I got the blues for you baby
I got the blues for you
Hey baby I love you
I always do


I taught the structure of thought
I taught the structure of words
The structure of thought
The structure of words

We'll ??? the ocean
We'll walk in the sky
Be surrounded by blue and white

In the ocean that we build


All I want to do is drink wine
And watch the sun go down
Let my thoughts go where they will
Wander down with the sun
When it comes up I get more serious
But it's not that time of day
The chores are over
I can't think that way
Wander down the avenue
Avenue, sun go down
If I meet you in my thoughts
We'll do what we do
And I'll return to the blank stare wanderlust
Where the wind takes the tree leaves
Or maybe it don't
The same old stare got me coming back
All I want to do is drink wine
And watch the sun go down


??? syndrome
Clouds over me
Reality ???
Passing at my face (?)

The blind spot dropped away
It's the same falling in love

Let's all go get drunk again
What else to do


I want to change my brain
??? insane ???

He doesn't care at all
He'd just as soon fall

I want to change my body
I see the world in pain
You want to sit down

He doesn't care at all
He doesn't care at all


The poetry I sent you
Is a small thing
Compared to what I didn't send
The sealed envelopes, stamps on
Sitting still in the drawer
Of the furniture that hold those things
Oh but I got a way to ??? you
Even though you're not ???
??? hear the melody of a song I didn't sing to you
But you're far away, unavoilable
You must know I like to pine
For the lost opportunities
Of whatever it is that you were
But I appreciate the recognition
The flame just got put out in the rain
I know about alternatives
I'm familiar ????


Think I'll go to New Orleans
And get ???
Tell you I love you
Yeah, I love you
I love you (x3)

In my heart

??? forgotten there
Skip a beat (x3)

Because ??? New Orleans
And yet ???
Tell you I love you
I love you (x4)

My heart skipped a beat
??? God ???
Skip a beat (x3)

Go down to New Orleans

Tell you I love you
I love you (x4)



She said how are you
I said just fine thanks, how are you

We're mostly friends
??? though
??? in a big city


In the city
Pounding down
I got so beat up
Even though I won

Just get me back to the house
I want to be all by myself (?)

I don't need to lose you
I don't know who you are
There's nothing to decipher
There's not answers
There's granite walls and ???
And the city pounding down


I came back different
I can't ??? that way
I went through ???
I came back different
It seemed like a dream
Some kidn of ???

I became a different kind of man
When I ??? back now
I want to ???

I know I can't have ???
You're stuck in my mind
Whatever happens

Where was I
Let me see
Oh, I guess I'll have to start again
Where am I
Where were we
Like I just woke up
I came back


It seems like forever
I'll be following you
You ??? me
You're my necessity
You're my want
And I adore you

You're my impossible ???
??? in time
I have faith in you
I don't want to sin no more
I just want to be with you
My everlasting necessity

I eagerly wait for you
??? you're always ???
I have nothing but admiration
For the wonder of you


That's the movement of a ghost
I stand here still

The great machine
Pushing down
The great machine
Building out
I stand here still

Electric motors in the air
Reign of beasts
Going forth
I stand here still
See a people nobody knows


I'm sorry, sorry
I can't think ???
I can't dream of the future
It's today I'm getting through
??? make a plan
I can't live up to it

So the deconstruction continues
There's not a chance that ???

The big party in the sky
Bring down my eye (?)

And now it's sobriety
And the calculated calm
??? entanglements
Trying to be free

I'll do anything you tell me
I'm listening to you now
I know you're breathing
I can fell the air going through me


We're gonna have a party
We're gonna have a party
??? invited ???

A little bit quicker

I'll roll around
And bounce off you

Bounce bounce bounce bounce
I'm bouncing around

If I get my foot stuck in mud
I'll have to wash my ???
When it's all clean
I'll buy some boots
So I can walk around


Give me a little bit of your love
Just enough to keep me through
??? student
??? credit (?)

I was in your ???
And I made the wrong turn
I guess it's time to ???
Do I do that again
I got my fingers burned
Did I learn this time

I didn't mean to do you wrong
Believe me, believe ???
Please believe me

I want your graces
And the love you give

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