[Jandek] IPS early show

Bob Lukomski lukomski at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 06:57:03 PDT 2005

20 years after I first heard about Jandek in SPIN and 19 years after I 
hunted down a copy of Telegraph Melts in college,  a rail thin guy, totally 
serious looking, dressed in black comes out of a hole in the floor, along 
with a shaved head kid and a long haired dude.  I start laughing 
uncontrollably in fear, joy, total catharsis.

You know how, in the old Warner Brothers cartoons,  when somebody goes crazy 
and starts wagging their finger between their lips, making that "br-b-dr-b" 
sound?  That's what happened to a lot of people, I think.  And to have them 
all exit back through the hole in the floor... like a message from the 

Only complaint:  Bass player a little too busy and into his own thing, at 

Had the chance to buy a late show tickee, but was too drained to go for a 
second round.
(Hey Richard, e.g. ice cream lost on Carroll Street - how was the late show? 
Nice to meet you...)

It takes a lot for me to have a meltdown.  Corwood delivered.
Bob Lukomski

Brooklyn, NY


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