[Jandek] Anthology Archive Show Sept 6, 2005

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 7 11:03:59 PDT 2005

I am glad to say that I successfully made my way down from Maine with my 
fellow band mate, spending time listening to Jandek, Interobang and Dr. 
Bluepen and His Wandering What (our band) in an intense trip.  Getting lost 
in New York in the Harlem area and some in the Brooklyn area was definitely 
a head screw.. but eventually we arrived at Anthology and quickly made 
friends with an amazing group of Jandek fans, lead by the early bird, the 
first in line, an enchanting musician by the first name of Preston (from the 
band The Sewing Circle).  We sat in line eating Teddy Grahams and laughing, 
chatting with passersby.  A genuinely great time.  After around two hours of 
sitting, i decided to stand up and shake out my legs.  I hear a door slam 
and lo and behold, I spin to see the representative himself walking away in 
black dress pants, black boots, a (?light blue dress shirt ?) and his black 
hat.  The small amount of people there froze in suspense.  Where was jandek 
walking to in New York all alone?  The mystery continues.

As the crowd grew, many recognizable people started popping up.  I saw Marky 
Ramone walk by us in line .. he was apparently giving an interview he walked 
towards us up E 2nd st.  and turned up 2nd Ave. Thurston Moore and Lee 
Ranaldo of Sonic Youth entered the venue a little while before us, and 
waiting in the reserved ticket line were Gary Pig Gold, Eric S. from 
Summerstep Records and Amy Frushour (all interviewees on the Jandek on 
Corwood DVD).  I also got interviewed by a reporter from The New Yorker who 
was apparently writing a piece about the mystique of Jandek and his venture 
into live performance (specifically the three New York shows).

The final bizarre thing to happen while waiting in line happened maybe 10 
minutes before going in.  A well dressed man walked up to us, handed us a 
slip of paper and then disappeared into the crowd.
The piece of paper basically gave us the rights to release a remix of "Your 
Other Man" off of "BLUE CORSPE" as long as we gave the representative from 
Corwood reference and stated that the song was written by him.  Also it 
specifically stated for it to be a limited edition 7" with a 300 unit 
pressing.  The little note was just signed Corwood.  I was hoping to find 
out if anyone else had received any of these slips too... i hope so.

As for the show i will keep my statements to a minimum.

Jandek is the most honest musician i have ever heard, he was interstellar 
and shocking in real life.

The drummer and bass player were a great back drop for jandeks piano 

and this is were the tirade begins

The guitar player did many things that I felt were unbelievably rude and 

First off he was drunk and wandered on the stage with a drink (many of times 
throughout the performance he would stop playing all together and sip off of 
his drink)
He seemed to be making faces at Jandek and Jandek seemed extremely put off 
by his attitude on stage.  During the last two and a half songs.. he 
completely unplugged his guitar (making a giantly loud cracking noise to 
which Jandek glared)  and he sat there for those two songs plugging his ears 
and grimacing while everyone else rocked out around him.  I noticed him also 
take a baggie out of his pocket and ingest some type of pill or something.
And when the the show was over he plugged his cord back into his pedal 
making another loud noise only to realize that the show was over, as the 
other musicians and jandek left the stage, the guitar player left the stage 
with his guitar, walking away from his amp resulting in ripping the cord out 
of his amp...

The guitar players actually playing was awesome, but his demeanor was beyond 

Overall I didnt let it ruin my fun

I hope everyone enjoyed it and i would be interested in hearing anyone 
else's view on the guitar players action.

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