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Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 21:24:46 PDT 2005

I finally got to see the docco that seems to have 'broken' Jandek to a wider 
audience. I thought it was quite slick and informative and not as 
pretentious as some made it out to be. I had no problem with the evocative 
images they showed over songs _ I mean they couldn't interview the guy what 
else were they gonna put in there? Anyway here are my personal 'conclusions' 
made from the film (some may have ealready been thrown around on this list):

1. He's just some regular guy that made his own primitive records during the 
DIY craze of early punk, was greatful about Milstein's positive early 
reviews and went on from there.

2. Most of the 'experts' on his work are bigger weirdoes and sociopaths that 
the man they think is one. Dr. demento anyone? richie unterberger? And that 
bloke who went on about the long-winded freudian psycho analysis about his 
'emotional wall' seemed like he had a bigger one to get over himself.

3. His name is a combo of 'january' and 'a friend called decker'. That had 
me ROTFLMAO. And people did a search on some Eastern european link??!

4. The banality of middle-class suburbia can produce startling works of 
'outsider' art, rather than have them emerge from 'cool' 'creative zones' 
like NYC, SF, Paris, London etc...

All up though I found it quite an inspiring docco. it just shows you that if 
you have the desire to do something creative, you can do it, w/o needing the 
validation of 'hipsters' or march through the aesthetic artistic pecking 
order to get there. another thing is that is is a great example of the 
notion of 'artifice' in art, the persona of the art doesn't have to be the 
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