[Jandek] Graven Image

The Enchanter Tim doesabearwoof at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 5 05:43:23 PDT 2005

Just got GRAVEN IMAGE while in Toronto over the weekend, during my free time 
before being at a Bear (big furry gay men, to paraphrase Scott Thompson) CD 
release party (on which point, I've always found his image on the cover of 
THE DOOR BEHIND to be a nice furry snapshot... :) ).  They also had THE 
HUMILITY OF PAIN, but my memory failed me and I thought it was one of the 
spoken word CDS (I now have seven Jandek CDs and the two tributes, and 
managed to get two of the spoken word ones, again without remembering it, 
and I find those the hardest to listen to, ironically, so I didn't 
bite...hope it's still there when next I get to town...).

Freakily, two big chains had CDs by the man (well, the other one only had 
DOWN IN A MIRROR in, but they had a section, not a random 'J' section, so 
I'm assuming they DID have others...), so got this AND NAked In The 
Afternoon.  I'm waiting to see an actual rack with a full sized cardboard 
cutout soon. :)


"...men may become hairy as bears, if such is their fancy, without fear of 
excommunication or deprivation of their political rights." Charles Mackay

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