[Jandek] Tickets to two broolyn shows for trade and/or sale

danielle alsop danielle_alsop at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 08:31:52 PDT 2005

i have 2 extra tickets to the 9 pm brooklyn show if
anyone is interested.  please email me with offers.

--- HunnyPi007 at aol.com wrote:

> Just like many others, I was shut out of purchasing
> tickets to the Anthology 
> show, but I felt my prayers had been answered when I
> found out that these 
> additional shows had been scheduled. I am very happy
> to report that I am now in 
> possession of one "extra" ticket for each of the
> Project Room shows and am 
> hoping: 
> (1) that someone out there has an "extra" ticket to
> the Anthology show to 
> trade for a ticket to one of the Broolyn shows 
> and 
> (2) that I can hook a deserving person up with a
> ticket for the other Broolyn 
> show. 
> Maybe these people are the same person? 
> Please send your offers ASAP and include your cell
> (or other) number to 
> expedite. 
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