[Jandek] Living In A Moon So Blue - A New Transcription

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Sun Sep 4 04:25:39 PDT 2005

Now that all his albums are available on CD,  Jandek's lyrics need to be transcribed anew. 

Here's the fifth in an ongoing series;


(Corwood 0743) 

A new transcription by P.A.M. via the lyrics at the Seth Tisue website www.tisue.net/jandek

Gretchen (1/1) 

Gretchen, Gretchen 

I've been fetchin' some shiny fish from the sea 

the sea down in Galilee 


One Step Ahead (1/2) 



Supression (1/3) 

Walk out

shut the door 

it's the same as it was before 

walk out 

shut the door 

now it's the same as it was before 


Strange Phenomenon (1/4) 

Yesterday, a strange phenomenon 

and now, today, you think it's change 

you tell me that you think it's a change 

and now, today 





You Can Stop Now (1/5) 

You can stop now 

'cause I don't want none of that gibberish 

yes, you can stop now 

I don't want your playing around 

well you can stop now 

I don't want your morality 

now stop 


Comedy (1/6) 

Here's looking at you, kid 

you got the german measles 

it's a comedy 

ha ha ha... 


Sailors (1/7) 

Sailors sail the seas on end 

they leave someplace 

they'll come again 

and if you're there 

you might see them 

carefree as the summer wind 

way up high 

up in that cloud 

the seaway of the sky 


Bludgeon (1/8) 

Please do not push any buttons on this machine 

on what machine? 

wet paint 

Keep Out 


All In An Apple Orchard* (1/9) 

In middle of an apple orchard 

there's a small boy 

watching bees in the blossoms 

in the middle of an apple orchard 

there's two boys 

climbing trees 

in the middle of an apple orchard 

there's six boys 

making underground tunnels 

in the middle of an apple orchard 

there's ten boys 

throwing apples at each other 


* This is one of several songs on this album in which you can hear the click of the metronome 

that occasionally accompanys Jandek's guitar-playing.  In this instance, it sounds like the ticking 

of a grandfather clock - lending the song an eerie ambience that matches the subject matter.


She Fell Down (2/1) 

He was a cruel young boy 

a cruel young boy 

used to set traps for some retarded friends he had 

but one day 

when all the snow was melting

their mother, Mrs. Potter, 

was on my bus 

going home 

it stopped at her stop 

she got off first 

stepped off the bus 

slipped on the kerbing 

fell into the gutter 

with all the slush and mud 

all over her clothes 


Professional (2/2) 

You sure are a professional 

just like in the books I have read 

something in particular 

you sure are a professional 

living the life you do 



Anticipation (2/3) 


oh, please 

it's just that 

I got some kinda anticipation 


Alexandria Knows (2/4) 

Won't you sell me two rhymes? 

I want to tell you two times


Quite Nonchalant (2/5) 

You're pretty nonchalant 

with your forearms 

and your bleeding teeth 

I think you're pretty nonchalant 

I'd have to say you're quite nonchalant 


Relief Of The Night (2/6) 

Why a picture? 

is it all too false? 

the shepherd gathers in voices from the darkness 

bleeding from lonely mountains 

they are more quiet at day 

sight in the sun 

live and survive 

the tale is not weary 

relief of the night 

you will never wake up 

the mind must die 

sleep to me now 

I'm pounding 

release this beat 

this nerve 

anesthetize this being 

you will never awaken 

tomorrow is on the other side of a side that is night 

shelter me 

O, mother of mercies

I am entangled in swamps 


Crime Pays (2/7) 

Well I do believe that crime pays 

and I do believe there's a... 

I believe that there's countless ways 

and crime pays 

crime pays

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