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Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Sep 3 21:58:21 PDT 2005

Seth et al,

> Sharif> WTF. I shop at that place all the freaking time.  Jandek DOES
> Sharif> realize he has fans. This sort of thing shouldnt be a problem
> Sharif> for him, I wouldnt think.

I agree with Seth's points regarding this statement (I've been trying to think of how to respond to it all day) and I just got to say this, I have to absolutely.  It is wrong to assume that simply because he is playing concerts and leads a "semi-normal" life that the man behind Corwood/Jandek is open to fans doing anything that involves communication with him outside of two exceptions:

1. Letters related to musical issues.

2. Attending concerts and buying music. 

And obviously he isn't all that open to discussing the music (though sometimes you get lucky). 

I've been listening to this artist 12 years now and I can say that we've been given EXTRAORDINARY access, particularly since Instal.  On one hand, I do think he realizes he has fans.  I even think he's interested to a degree in who they are and what they are like.  

On the other hand, I truly (and I think I'm right) don't think he wants to tear down the screen that separates Jandek from the outside world.  This is his place, where he can be what he needs to be and say what he likes - perhaps what he can't say normally. He now feels comfortable letting people in to shows.  But note: the band members aren't exactly getting close and personal. One practice per show and that's it. I don't think there was an aftershow party in Austin (check that: there was.  He wasn't there) and I don't think he wants to be approached by people looking for an autograph. As for his life outside of Corwood: If he feels people are stalking him or looking for him or wanting anything outside of a musical correspondance he's apt to "close the door" (a lyric he used in a song from Austin regarding his generic "you" "going someplace I don't want to go").  I think we should take this seriously. If you've got a question for him, write.  If you want a picture, print on
e off Seth's page. I don't think he's ready for anything more than what we're getting. That's my opinion.  


> Maybe.  I don't think I would have snapped the pictures without
> permission, and if I had I might have shown them to friends but 
> wouldn'thave put them on the freaking internet.  (I'm assuming the 
> photographerdidn't have permission.)  I wouldn't have done it with 
> any other
> (non-mega-celebrity) musician either, let alone someone like 
> Jandek who
> is pretty clearly the extreme case of someone it's uncool to do 
> this to.
> I hope people don't keep doing things like this.  I'm kind of 
> surprisedI'm the first one to post here and say so -- tell me, am 
> I overreacting?
> I'm really not sure and I'm wondering what other people think.
> I notice that one of the two pictures has already been removed.
> (Now admittedly, there are pictures on my site that were taken without
> permission, not to mention information [though not actual links 
> to] live
> MP3s that were recorded without permission... but those photos and
> recordings are from a concert, not from Jandek's trip to the record
> store or the grocery store, so it feels like more of a gray area 
> to me,
> one I've decided I don't mind crossing into.  I'd remove the 
> photos if
> Corwood asked, but they haven't.)
> (In other news, somebody I won't name recently tried to post some
> personal information about Jandek to the list, I mean, nothing so very
> personal, just some small things you could learn without talking 
> to him
> if you happened to see him around Houston.  But I didn't approve the
> post -- at least, I wrote the poster and asked them if they really
> wanted me to approve it, and they haven't responded.)
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