[Jandek] AOL unsubscriptions

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Sat Sep 3 17:18:30 PDT 2005

(this probably won't reach the people it's most intended for, but just
in case:)

   Attention AOL users

   America Online's mail servers have been refusing Jandek list E-mail
   lately, or rather not just that one list, but all lists originating
   from mylist.net, where the list is hosted. As a result, many AOL
   users have been automatically unsubscribed. If this happened to you,
   please wait a day or two and try resubscribing; I'm hoping the
   problem will go away by itself. If you repeatedly get unsubscribed or
   miss messages, please write me and I'll see if there's something I
   can do. You can use the archives to make sure you don't miss any

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