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After listening to "I Went Down", it reminded me of a few things:

"Toilet Piece" by Yoko Ono from Fly
"Daddy's Curses" (A "found sound" recording of someone's father cursing 
and screaming while attempting to fix a piano)
"The Conet Project"

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Checked my mail today and found the latest album from Corwood waiting 
in my box: "Dying To Meet You", catalog number 0782. The cover looks 
like it could be from the same roll as "The Beginning" and "On The 
Way": a murky, desaturated picture of what could be his bathroom, with 
what looks like a row of personal hygiene products silhouetted against 
the window (curtains closed) over what may be the toilet. This comes 
hot on the heels of "Khartoum," probably the closest together Corwood 
has ever released two albums, but fans who have gotten used to the 
sound of the last couple of years of Jandek releases are in for a big 
surprise: on the album's nine tracks, there is no bass, guitar, or even 
drum accompaniment. Janky has apparently returned to his infamous a 
capella period, but long-time fans should have little to complain 
about: this is one of the man's most revealing and heart-felt works to 
date. As a taste for those who have not yet received their copies, I 
have uploaded to my webspace the first track, my personal favorite song 
 from this album: "I Went Down." It is available, probably only for a 
limited time, at this URL: 

Together Forever

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