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Dlugosz, John J John.Dlugosz at trincoll.edu
Mon Oct 31 06:42:42 PST 2005

How do you know that it is officially being released for $8. And...I'll
sound like a jerk, but how does this jeopardize future Jandek live
shows? Will we all be punished because someone broke the rules? 

I tend to agree that taping and sharing a show when it was specifically
requested that this not be done is somewhat shitty-but once an artist
performs live and throws their work into the air, they take the risk
that it may be captured and perhaps reproduced. They give up a certain
degree of control when they create in real time and share it with an
audience. As far as I know, no one is charging for this stuff. I've got
the boot/web version of the first show, and the official disc. Corwood
maxed out what they will make off me on that release. I'm guessing that
anyone interested enough in Jandek to seek out the boots will likely
purchase the official versions when they are released. If so, other than
perhaps making the Corwood Representative sad, I'm not sure I see great
evil in this act. Really, if the sadness generated by boots jeopardizes
future live performances, then we're dealing with a very fragile
personality. "You taped me when I asked you not to. No more live shows!

Am I doing a bad thing if I download a boot and then buy the official
release? Help me out with this...Is recording a performance without
permission always an evil act? How evil is it? Is it ever okay? Are my
Grateful Dead boots now a bad thing given that the Dick's Picks versions
are "officially" available? 

And...Personally, I'm hoping for mp3 quality. We're talking about Jandek
boots here! I have no interest in the "lossless or nothing"
ideology-reminds me of the old hi-fi, quad speaker, "virgin vinyl", 120
gram, gold disc folks. I'm listening to stuff on cheesy iPod speakers,
so I'll make due. Maybe the boot source is an analog cassette! And, if
it's lower quality, does that make it less evil? I'd sleep better...


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This show is coming out on disc officially. For $8. I really hope
whoever illegally recorded this performance thinks twice about Corwood's
clear indication that they did not want  anything recorded (much less
distributed) - other than by the professionals hired to do so.  Taking
the vision of the artist's presentation of this performance out of their
hands and shitting it out at your whim on the net is very insulting, in
my opinion.  It also might jeopardize the possibility of future Jandek
live shows.


On Oct 25, 2005, at 7:11 PM, Mr. Fang wrote:

One of the audience recordings of the Austin performance will be shared
soon, though I'm hoping it will make the rounds in lossless format
(.flac) for a while before some jackass decides it needs to be
compressed to mp3 for Soulseek.  I will post to the list when it's



On 10/24/05, Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> wrote: 

Interesting to note that nearly all the recent Jandek live gigs have
been recorded. Some I would imagine are 'official', but are there any 
'unofficial' recording that will be doing the round on SoulSeek soon?
I"m really hanging to hear more than the Instal04 and Gateshaed 05

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