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Exposure=GOOD period

It isn't like the man has gotten into this thing for the last 30 years
to make a shit ton of money obviously... in fact in the beginning
exposure seemed to be the main thing as he gave away so much free
I think the bands that are all obsessed with how file sharing is going
to hurt them are a little insecure because if people hear their music
and dig it on some level it only increases the chance that people will
in some way support it on some level in the future by going to gigs or
buying some merchandise.

but shouldn't music be becoming sort of like the share ware world if you
hear some thing and it totally blows and you never ever want to here it
again and never do then why the fuck should you have paid for it...
but if you dig it you kick the artist direct a couple of bucks...

look at the brian jonestown massacre they have all their record online
for free... hell all their music online for free... and they still make
a living at it and that is all anton could do... I think mr jandek has
his own separate career and music is just his thing so I don't see what
the big worry is if a few kids get turned on and buy some cd's...

unless of course you guys wan to keep jandek as some sort of private
club in which case I pity you and think maybe you should find a religion
or get laid or start a building project or something.

Hell when they have those CD's at best buy for 9 bucks or the 12 for a
penny shit on columbia house or BMG the artist is the one giving up
their part of the royalties and the record companies are only to glad to
do that shit for exposure(of course they still get their take)

Now jandek will probably never be huge(never say never) but if more
people can get into him I think that they will see a man that they want
to support(integrity is one thing I sense in his records because they
ain't fake and there would be no reason to keep busting ass for this
many years putting out records) and lay out the 80 bucks for 20 cd's to
get the real deal straight from the source...

My 2 cents

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>I think anyone on this list would be inclined to support Jandek, and
>attending the show was a lot of support in itself, but I am one that
>would argue that file sharing in any format can only help an artist on
>the level of Jandek, but I know there are plenty of people that don't
>believe exposure is more important than sales.
I first heard Jandek through the bootleg mp3s that later became known as

Glasgow Sunday. So I am biased on the subject. Without the publicity of 
the show and the mp3s, I might still not have known who Jandek is.

I would download a bootleg version of a live performances if somebody 
posted them. BUT, I would later buy the album proper when it was 
released. As it stands now, I still haven't bought the official Glasgow 
Sunday, only because I'm waiting for him to release one more album, then

I'll buy another box of 20 cds.  Right now I have 24 Jandek CDs, and 
plan on getting the rest later, so the file sharing of the bootleg 
didn't hurt him in my case.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with posting the boots BEFORE he 
releases them officially. But I do understand why others feel


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